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We will help you discover the perfect interior design to transform your home with a real human touch and expertise.

I understand the frustrations and concerns that clients may have with designing a space in their home. That's why I offer personalized and stress-free solutions, to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. My commitment to customer service means that I'll work tirelessly to reflect your taste and personality in the project. Attention to detail is paramount, and I strive to create affordable spaces that truly transform your everyday living environment into an inspired, beautiful and functional space that is custom and tailored for you. For convenience, hybrid design solutions are available for everyone everywhere.

Meet the Designer


As an experienced interior designer serving Maumelle, Arkansas, and its surrounding areas, I am passionate about creating beautiful and functional spaces that truly reflect the unique personality and style of my clients. With a focus on customer satisfaction, I take pride in providing exceptional service that exceeds expectations. From initial concept to final installation, I work closely with my clients to understand their vision and bring it to life. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to staying on top of the latest design trends, I offer same-day services that ensure a seamless and efficient experience. For over 15 years, transforming spaces into inspiring and inviting havens is not just my job—it's my passion. Let me help you create the home of your dreams.

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About Us
How It Works

Your perfect design is the result of our precise, personal 3-Step "How it Works" Process.

Eve's Interior Decorating - Arkansas - Virtual Design
Eve's Interior Decorating - Arkansas - Virtual Design - Room Package
Step 1
Receive Design Concept

I gather information of what your tastes and styles are and create a design based upon research and planning. Space planning is essential for placement at this stage and helps determine the number of items necessary in a room. You receive the Design Concept to update and approve to purchase shop the look items.

Step 2
Shop the Look

An items list of products, Cost, and Vendors is provided to you to purchase items for your design, whether you are DIY or hired a Design Specialist to do it for you.  Items are chosen with your budget in mind.  This helps to avoid costly mistakes, saves time, and gives the convenience that you deserve and starts the process for putting it all together.  

Step 3
Putting It All Together

Now you see it!  This is the Final Walk Through of your completed room.  At this point, you and the  designer have collaborated to arrive at this final stage of  the design.  Does it meet your approval?  Please give feedback or write a review about your experience with us.  Collaboration made easy!



S. Tyson

Debra Hayes decorated my foyer, dining room and living room and turned my new house into a home.  She took me to a couple of stores to browse and identify things I like and from that she was able to capture my essence and apply it to the decor of my home. I was a somewhat difficult client because I have no skills in decorating and didn’t want to have anything to do with the process but she was able to do a GREAT job in spite of me.  I will definitely use her again and have recommended her to others.

L. Williams

Absolutely love my final design! Mrs. Debra brought life and style to items I already had. She had so many creative ideas and the process was quick and easy. I showed a picture of my living room and foyer area to my coworker and she thought it was from a magazine page. I highly recommend.

Darryl. L

Eve's interior is a Awesome company! Very thorough, professional and caring, Debra has work on 2 projects for me that did not disappoint! (the latest being a home gym). I love that she always explains the "why's" in every little detail in her project presentations. I would highly recommend her for all of your home designs!

Serving both Commercial and Residential Clients locally and globally

Kitchen & Dining
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Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm

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Space Transformed, Impeccable design

Mrs. Hayes was involved in designing and decorating areas of our newly built 50,000 square foot Worship Center. Her abilities as an interior designer were impeccable as she was able to apply her education in decorating various spaces. A professional.

Transforming my Bedroom with Incredible Expertise

The designer did an outstanding job creating an awesome bedroom design for my home. She installed and updated my room in one day. I was impressed with the knowledge and advice provided for "how to" decorate my bedroom. The room package is affordable!

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