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Interior Design

Interior design is an art and allows the interior of a home or office to provide a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment for the occupants using the space. Eve's Interior Decorating (EID) is a full-service commercial and residential design company.  We offer both E-design services and Onsite.  We specialize in designing spaces on a "budget".  We aide in putting the "fun" back into decorating your space.  We are experienced and professional consultants and will use our expertise to help create beautifully aesthetic rooms for our client's.  By doing this, our clients can sit back and enjoy their commercial or residential space.  The result, we create beautifully designed rooms suited for the individual's taste and style desired thus solving complex space and decorating problems.  Whether you desire a whole room design or rearranging your existing furniture, the assistance you seek is a phone call away.    No commercial or residential space is considered too difficult to plan or design and decorating advice is available.  Call today, we can help.
Eve's Interior Decorating - Accessories - Arkansas
Eve's Interior Decorating - Design Process - Arkansas

Design any Room

What room are you thinking about decorating?  Whether you desire a whole house design or rearranging your existing furniture in a space, the assistance you seek is a phone call away to help you with the design process.

Space Planning

What is Space Planning?  A Floor Plan of furniture arrangements and elevation of walls is what Space Planning entails and is based upon precise measurements. An Items List is available for purchase if client would like guidance instead of full service provided by designer. 

Color Selections

Having trouble selecting colors?  We can assist the client with color selections for the designed space utilizing paint samples, furniture, flooring, window treatments, and accessories.


Trying to sell a home and need assistance?  We can assist by using existing or rental furniture, rugs, and accessories to create a sellable property for the client.

Consultation is Available

Got questions about a project in your home?  Give us a call and allow EID to meet with you to get a scope of the project and assess what the needs are for the space to be designed. The package (s) are customizable, so they can be changed to suit the clients desired taste and style.  They are examples of what can be purchased in each package.

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