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Frequently Asked Questions?

1.  What are your hours of operations?  Eve's Interior Decorating is open six (6) days a week. We are closed on Sunday. All major Holidays are observed. Monday through Friday: 10am to 6pm, and Saturday: 10am to 2pm.


2.  Where are you located? Eve's Interior Decorating is located in Maumelle, Arkansas. Former address was 2513 McCain Blvd., Ste. 2#110, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116-7606. Like most businesses, adjustments were made to accommodate everyone who desired a refresh for their homes. Due to the Pandemic, Eve's Interior Decorating is offering virtual and remote design services to our client's for health and safety concerns. Onsite visits are suspended at this time. Virtual designs provide a visual of what your designed space will look like once created by a design specialist. This is the actual space with measurements provided by the homeowner or blueprint of the floor plan; the placement, colors, and accessories show the type and number of items implemented in the final design of the client's home. Please call me at (501) 404-7099 or submit a request form at for a Free Consultation. Have a fantastic day!

3.  I can't view Eve's Interior Decorating's website on my Computer, Phone, or Tablet, what do I do? Today's technology offers a vast range of ways to communicate with each other. Eve's has adapted to the advancements in technology and has included phone and tablet access to our website page as well. We realize that computers, phones, and tablets come in different sizes for each user and have taken into consideration that your screen will change the way the website can appear. Some items will appear larger or smaller depending on the device being used. With our experience using these devices ourselves, we have learned that by turning the device side ways some times can fix the issue. For example, a tablet will show the Landing Page just fine, but the individual category pages in the menu (Located at the top of the page) may appear too large or distorted; however, by turning the device side ways can help the user view the page and its contents a lot better and are able to then scroll to read the page with ease. The team is working on getting the site's contents to update automatically on each device in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience and will rectify the issue as promptly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at (501) 404-7099.

4.  Payment Options, Full amount or Partial amount?  The payment options are full payments at time of selection for a Room Package.  Partial payments are not accepted at this time.  However, special discounts and pricing may be available for those who qualify.

5.  If I don't like my selected Room Package can I get a Refund?  Yes.  100% of the payment is returned if you change your mind.  However, 15% of the Design Speciaist  payment is returned if you are not satisfied with your purchase after the Consultation, Research for products, Renderings, or Final Walk through.  No refund for Virtual Plans.  No refund for In-Home Plans. Time and effort are spent on research and development of a project and compensation must be provided.  We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

6.  Do you accept Certified and Personal Checks as a form of payment?  No.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  All major credit and debit cards are accepted.  We accept payments through Bank Apps and Cash Apps.

7.  Can I talk to a live person?  Yes, A Design Specialist is available within business hours to speak with you about your project.  You can also select the chat button located on your computer screen for immediate conversations as well.  The phone number to call is (501) 404-7099.  Don't forget to write a review about your experience.  Have a great day!


8.  How can I submit a Review?  Eve's Interior Decorating welcomes all suggestions to improve our website. Your review of our products and services is valued. By submitting a review, you help us to improve and provide quality services to our clients. Also, if you have a design dilemma the contact form is located at the bottom of the page for your convenience on the HOME page. We appreciate you and have a wonderful day.

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