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Updated: Mar 24

Where are you located? Eve's Interior Decorating is located in Maumelle, Arkansas. Former address was 2513 McCain Blvd., Ste. 2#110, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116-7606. Like most businesses, adjustments were made to accommodate everyone who desired a refresh for their homes. Due to the Pandemic, Eve's Interior Decorating is offering virtual and remote design services to our client's for health and safety concerns. Onsite visits are suspended at this time. Virtual designs provide a visual of what your designed space will look like once created by a design specialist. This is the actual space with measurements provided by the homeowner or blueprint of the floor plan; the placement, colors, and accessories show the type and number of items implemented in the final design of the client's home. Please call me at (501) 404-7099 or submit a request form at for a Free Consultation. Have a fantastic day!

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