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How It Works

3 Step Process:

Affordability .  Convenience  .  Expert Help  .  End Frustration

Eve's Interior Decorating - Arkansas - Virtual Design
Step 1
Receive Design Concept

I gather information of what your tastes and styles are and create a design based upon research and planning. Space planning is essential for placement at this stage and helps determine the number of items necessary in a room. You receive the Design Concept to update and approve to purchase shop the look items.

Step 2
Shop the Look

An items list of products, Cost, and Vendors is provided to you to purchase items for your design.  Items are chosen with your budget in mind.  This helps to avoid costly mistakes, saves time, and gives the convenience that you deserve and starts the process for putting it all together.  

Eve's Interior Decorating - Arkansas - Virtual Design - Room Package
Step 3
Putting It All Together

Now you see it!  This is the Final Walk Through of your completed room.  At this point, you and the  designer have collaborated to arrive at this final stage of  the design.  Does it meet your approval?  Please give feedback or write a review about your experience with us.  Collaboration made easy!

  • Please complete the design questionnaire.

  • Receive design concepts.

  • Leave feedback and iterate.

  • Shop the look.

  • Putting it all together.

Design Questionnaire

What's your design style?

Design Questionnaire 1
Design Questionnaire 2
What's your style?

Tell us about your project and we'll follow up with recommendations.

Have a question about our packages?

               Virtual and Remote Design

Due to the Pandemic, Eve's Interior Decorating is offering virtual and In-Home design services to our clients while being mindful of health and safety concerns.  Call to schedule In-Home visits.  Virtual designs provide a visual of what your designed space will look like once created by a design specialist.  This is the actual space with measurements provided by you or a blueprint of the floor plan; the placement, colors, and accessories show the type and number of items implemented in the final design of your home. 
Room Packages

The package (s) are customizable, so they can be changed to suit your desired taste and style.  
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